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2019 Special Guests

Special Guest Actor:

Jon Heder

Appearing Saturday & Sunday
Autograph Fee: TBA                  

Jonathan Joseph 

"Jon" Heder

is an American actor and producer. His feature film debut came in 2004 as the title character of the comedy film Napoleon Dynamite

Jon has also acted in the films The Benchwarmers, School for Scoundrels, Blades of Glory, Mama's Boy, and When in Rome, and provided voice talents in the animated films Monster House, Walt Before Mickey as Roy Disney and Surf's Up, as well as the Napoleon Dynamite animated series.

You can view Jon's entire resume on here: IMDB

Special Guest: Hall of Fame Wrestler:

Hacksaw Jim Duggan!

Appearing Saturday & Sunday
Autograph Fee: TBA 

No Superstar in history was as patriotic as “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

A true red-blooded American, the tough, but lovable big guy always marched to the ring with a 2x4 slung over his shoulder and a red, white and blue flag gripped tightly in his hand. Often going up against underhanded foreign villains, Duggan would always get the crowd behind him by inspiring massive chants of "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" that would shake the rafters and intimidate his opponents. For more than two decades, "Hacksaw" defended America's honor in the ring and enjoyed distinction as one of the most recognizable Superstars in the world.

The 2x4 would be firmly in Duggan's grasp when he joined WWE in 1987. Wasting no time in displaying his patriotism, "Hacksaw" immediately locked up with the massive Russian known as Nikolai Volkoff and had many hard-hitting matches with the dangerous Soviet. The following year, "Hacksaw" had one of the biggest victories of his career when he won the inaugural Royal Rumble by eliminating One Man Gang. The victory was proof that Duggan was the real deal.

In the years that followed, the patriot continued to cultivate a massive fan following through his heroic battles against hated villains like Dino Bravo, Bad News Brown and Boris Zhukov. Duggan even defeated Haku in 1989 to win the right to call himself the “King of Wrestling.” The shiny crown may have looked out of place atop “Hacksaw’s” smiling mug, but he wore the prize with great pride.

Throughout the early '90s, Duggan's reputation as a fan favorite carried on, but he eventually suffered a series of disappointing losses to the likes of Yokozuna and Bam Bam Bigelow. The losing streak led "Hacksaw" to make a surprising change when he joined World Championship Wrestling in 1994. The move proved to be a good one for him, though, as he defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to win the United States Championship on his first night in the company. Duggan would battle the likes of Big Bubba Rogers and Diamond Dallas Page over the next four years before something changed his life forever.

In 1998, "Hacksaw" was diagnosed with kidney cancer. The disease was an intimidating opponent for a man who had locked up with the likes of Andre the Giant, but Duggan refused to go down without a fight. Thanks to early detection and "Hacksaw's" unbreakable spirit, he beat cancer and amazingly returned to the ring with little time off.

Duggan has made sporadic appearances in WWE over the last few years, but his popularity has never waned. Still carrying his 2x4 and waving Old Glory proudly, "Hacksaw" is a bona fide legend in the ring and truly deserving of his spot in WWE's Hall of Fame class of 2011.

(C) WWE.com

Check out Hacksaw's Facebook Page to learn more: LINK

Special Guest Actor & Comedian:

Chris Kattan! 

Appearing Saturday & Sunday
Autograph Fee: TBA 

Chris Kattan

is best known as one of the longest serving cast members on NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live.’ In the 8 years Chris starred in the landmark late night program, he became best known for his characters ‘Mango,’ ‘Mr Peepers,’ and one of the ‘Butabi Brothers’ in the ‘Night at the Roxbury’ sketch alongside Will Ferrell. Chris starred with Ferrell in a 1998 movie adaption of the sketch.

Since his time at SNL, Chris has worked as the series regular ‘Bob’ on ABC’s ever-popular ‘The Middle’ as well as had memorable appearances in the recent hit features ‘Hotel Transylvania’ and ‘The Ridiculous 6.’

Chris trained at Los Angeles’ The Groundlings Theater is one of its most famous alumni. 

He currently tours the country with his extremely popular stand-up act.

You can view Chris' full list of work HERE

Special Guest Actor:

Randy Havens! 

Appearing Saturday & Sunday
Autograph Fee: TBA

It’s easy to understand how Randy Havens, as Mr. Clarke, quickly became everyone’s favorite teacher/A.V. Club supervisor after binge-watching season one of Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things. He revised the role of Mr. Clarke in Season 2 and fans are looking forward to seeing him the third installment of the popular series.  

No stranger to the odder side of the tech world, Randy has a recurring role on AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, where he plays Stan—an accidental adversary to Scoot McNairy’s character, Gordon Clark.

During Archer’s seventh season, Randy provided the voice for Mr. Rompers, the leader of a party-crashing clown gang out to steal something valuable. He has appeared twice on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow as McKenna, a pawnbroker who should probably rethink his associates. Randy has also appeared on The Vampire Diaries, Resurrection, Reckless, The Game, Past Life, and House of Payne. Other credits include Let’s Be Cops and Good Intentions, the sci-fi action/thriller Geostorm and the TV series Living the Dream. 

Randy recently completed work on the films Boy Erased, The Front Runner and the upcoming Warner Brothers film Godzilla: King of Monsters, set to release in May 2019.

You can view Randy's IMDB page HERE

Special Guest Artist:

Ben Templesmith! 

Appearing Saturday & Sunday

Ben Templesmith
is a New York Times best selling artist and writer most widely known for his work in the comic book industry where he has received multiple nominations for the International Horror Guild Awards as well as the industry’s top prize, the Eisner Award. He also won a Spike TV Scream Award.

As a creator, his most notable works have been 30 Days of Night (which spawned a major motion picture) and Fell. His other projects include the critically acclaimed serial Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, as well as Welcome to Hoxford, and Singularity 7, all of which he also wrote.

He has also worked on the Star Wars, Doctor Who, GI Joe, Army of Darkness, Silent Hill and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer properties and produces art and design for music bands, dvds, toys, and film concept work. 

You can view more of Ben's work on his website: LINK

Special Guest Artist:

Bernard Chang!

Appearing Saturday & Sunday 

Bernard Chang is an Asian American artist/designer best known for his work in the comic book industry and entertainment design.

After 4 years of working for Valiant Comics & Marvel Comics, Bernard has gone on to be one of DC Comics most prolific artists working on some of their most famous superheroes such as Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Demon Knight, Batman Beyond, Nightwing and most recently the relaunch of The New Teen Titans! 

A former Walt Disney imagineer, Bernard was a concept designer, responsible for Blue sky design which is is coming up with the ideas that will become the next theme parks, entertainment centers, attractions, shows and rides. his projects included the new Disney MGM studios icon and interactive games for the 100 years of magic celebration, as well as the animation pavilion (California Adventure), the millennium village event (Epcot), and Pirates of the Caribbean: battle for buccaneer gold (Disney Quest), all of which received the awards for best new attractions.

You can learn more about Bernard via his website: HERE

More Special Guests TBA. All Guests Subject to Change.