Con Info

Next Show:
June 3rd & 4th, 2017
Spokane Convention Center 
334 W Spokane Falls Blvd
Spokane, WA 99201

Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-4pm


Feel free to contact us via email:

[email protected]

What Can Attendees Expect?

With over 175 exhibitors expected across 50,000 square feet, you'll be able to browse & buy comics plus all kinds of related products. Here are some of examples of what products you can expect to see:

  • Comics
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Prints

  • Action Figures
  • Video Games
  • Original Art 
  • Books

  • T-Shirts
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories 
  • Collectibles

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2017 Exhibitor Info:

The 11th annual Lilac City Comicon is now accepting exhibitor applications for our 2017 show. We've sold out for the past 8 straight years so don't hesitate to lock in your space for the largest comic book & pop culture convention in the Inland Northwest. 

*Downloading our application does not guarantee space until your completed application and payment have been confirmed by our team. 

Photo from the 2016 Lilac City Comicon

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2017 Artist Alley:

A1 Ben Hansen

A2 Chris Hagerman

A3 Rob Torno

A4 Carrie Merrill

A5 Rune Stone Art

A6 Geek It Up

A7 Fabled Farthing

A8 Sneath's Chainmaille

A9 Carrie Potter

A10 One Blue Bird Art

A11 Tetsumiro

A12 Art of 1314

B1 Alex Pelayre

B2 Ms Morri Comics

B3 Corpse Cutie

B4 Kamakru Art

B5 Noah Kroese Illustration 

B6 Cheesy Monkey

B7 Art of Faira

B8 Bottle Crow Productions

B9 Creators Edge Press

B10 RH Potter

B11 Haley Waddington Art

B12  Epic Embroideries

C1 Manny Trembley

C2 Spare Time Heroes Studio

C3 The Sci-Fi Hooker

C4 Eric L. Vargas Art

C5 Laura O'Brien


C7 Erik Swartling

C8 Matt Nelson

C9 Peter & Jennifer Foglesong 

C10 KM Alexander & Josh Montreuil

C11 Michael McMurphy

C12 Fish Tank Books

D1 Chad Scheres

D2 Emma-Lina Werner Art

D3 KuroNekoCon

D4 Chris Catlin

D5 Julia Hosack

D6 Michael St. Clair

D7 T.E. Maricle Enterprises

D8 Jeannie Beirne

D9 A Guide to Fairies

D10 Kaye Thornbrugh

D11 Chooseomatic Books

D12 Monlux Illustration

E1 Jonboy Meyers

E2 Georgia Ball

E3 Blacky Shepherd

E4 Colton Worley

E5 Brett Weldele

E6 Jerikandra & Abi Sue

E7 Mark Carr & Doug Dawson

E8 Isaac Marion

E9 Brian C. Baer 

E10 Jeremy Colwell

F1 Tony Dela Cruz

F2 Psychotic Parrot Press

F3 Big Robot: Art of Rob Clifford

F4 Splotch Comics 

F5 Chris Metzner

F6 Neal Devlin

F7 Comics & Cognac

F8 Devyn Park Illustration

F9 Psionic Comics

F10 Julie Godwin & Kerntkat

F11 Lorraine Fire Artwork

F12 Kevin McCoy

G1 A Dragon Wing Creations

G2 The Mealstorm

G3 Randy Kintz

G4 Alaska Mauve

G5 QEW Publishing

G6 Goldrush Comics 

G7 Folklore Forge

G8 Stephen Whitener 

G9 Hannako

G10 Art of Aiden

G11 Jamry Inc

G12 A Dragon Wing Creations

H1 Toddy Rayner

H2 Deep Blue

H3 The Scottiest Artistry

H4 Katerz Creations

H5 Wayward Palette

H6 Scott D.M. Simmons

H7 Jeff Carpenter

H8 Lail Studio Designs

H9 Duka Art

H10 Purple Top Hat

H11 Ainsley Yeager

H12 David Collins

SG1 Jeremy Howard

SG2 Andrew Gray

SG3 Sandi Sellner

SG4 Tim Russ

2017 Exhibitors:

101 Mandalorian Mercs

102 Galactic Alliance 

103 Picture Purrfect Art

104 BJ's Geek Nation Podcast

105 Greg Scott Bailey 

106 Plus 3 Crafting 

107 Star Dreamer Studios

108 The 1138

109 Halloween Express

110 Hills of Comics

111 Uncle's Games

112 Uncle's Games

113 Uncle's Games 

114 Uncle's Games

115 Spokane Empire Football

116 Spokane Comicrawl 

117 King Family Haunted House

118 King Family Haunted House

119 Creepy Cult

120 Jedi Alliance

121 Nerdwest Podcast

122 Alan Daugherty

123 Taylor's Diecast

124 Totally Spun

125 The Batmobile!

126 Rayce Bird

127 Blitz Built Games

128 Epic House Studios

129 Spokane Public Library 

130 Star Wars 501st 

131 Traveling T

132 Traveling T

133 Sack Lunch Comics

134 Sack Lunch Comics

135 Burr Martin 

136 LCCC VIP/Info 

137 Lego Builders Club of Seattle

138 Lego Builders Club of Seattle 

201 Cult Classic Posters

202 Cult Classic Posters

203 Out of the Fridge

204 Grivante Press

205 Author Guy Brooke

206 Sanshee

207 Sanshee

208 Books & Chains

209 Firefighters for Kids

210 Hammered Heroes

301 Darkmoon Faire

302 Darkmoon Faire

303 Heroes Resource

304 Heroes Resource

305 Pop-Up Coffee & Comics

306 Awesome Anime

307 Awesome Anime

308 Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique

309 Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique

310 Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique

401 The Comic Book Shop

402 The Comic Book Shop

403 Ken Gooler's Longboxes

404 Ken Gooler's Longboxes

405 Ken Gooler's Longboxes

406 Giant Nerd Books

407 Giant Nerd Books

408 Katie Clark Art

409 Hodgins Games & Hobby

410 Jerry Powell

501 Safari Pearl 

502 Safari Pearl

503 Z Tee's

504 Z Tee's

505 Gears in the Garden 

506 Fabulous You

507 Fabulous You

508 Jeromy Smith

509 My Fox 28

510 P-D Cougars Art & Collectibles 

601 DJ's Coins & Collectibles 

602 DJ's Coins & Collectibles 

603 Samco 1 Comics

604 Nerd Wood Designs

605 Galactic Earth

606 R Cooper Sales

607 R Cooper Sales

608 Home of the Future

609 Matthew Keller

610 Matthew Keller 

701 Amp Card & Collectibles 

702 Amp Card & Collectibles 

703 Amp Card & Collectibles 

704 Everett Comics

705 Everett Comics

706 Omakase Images

707 Omakase Images

708 Starkane

709 Gameworld

710 Gameworld